Children are very passionate about dancing. They know there isn’t a right way and a wrong way, but just your own way. Dancing gives us a feeling of happiness; makes ourselves feel confident and becomes a way to express what we cannot put into words.

Bobo Choses’ new Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the joyful world of dance. Let yourself go to the rhythm, dance and feel happy!

Let’s start the movement

Shall you dance like the trees,
bend your arms with the breeze

Shall you dance like the smoke,
twist and turn, up you go

Shall you dance like a bird,
beat your wings to be heard

Shall you dance like the sea,
mirror the sky as you whirl

Shall you dance like the wind,
spread your grace with some swing

Shall you dance like an elephant
stomp your feet, keep it elegant

Shall you dance like a wild beast
jump and roar at the very least

Shall your partner be gone,
Dance with your shadow, never alone

Shall your feet dream of dance,
give them in to romance

Shall you dance like yourself,
be all you, no one else!

At Bobo Choses, as much as we love to create new exciting worlds for both kids and grown-ups, we would like to make the world a better place to live in.
We work constantly to achieve a sustainable production of our collections, but at the same time we believe in the power that kids have to understand, act and transform, even more than adults. The protection of the environment is a responsibility, but we can protect it while we have fun.

The 93% of SS20 production is local made (74% Spain, 19% Portugal).
The 62% of our cotton is organic. 91% of the fabrics we’re using are cellulosic.

If you care for the world, you are in the right track! Thanks for buying Bobo Choses.
Let’s put a smile on planet Earth’s face!